How long has Long Blockchain Corp. been in business?

Long Blockchain has been in existence since the formation of Long Blockchain Corp. in February 2011. Long Blockchain Corp. was formed and on December 23, 2014, and began operations on May 27, 2015 upon the acquisition of Long Blockchain Corp.

What is Long Blockchain's fiscal year end?

Long Blockchain's fiscal year end is December 31.

Where is Long Blockchain's common stock traded and what is the stock symbol?

Long Blockchain Corp. is traded under the ticker symbol “LBCC”.

How can I invest in Long Blockchain Corp.?

You can purchase shares of Long Blockchain Corp. common stock through any regular broker or stock purchase service.

Where are my stock certificates?

Most shareholders own the stock in "street name" and do not receive stock certificates. If you would like to request a stock certificate be mailed to you, please contact our transfer agent.

Who is Long Blockchain Corporation's transfer agent and how do I contact them?

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company
17 Battery Place
New York, New York 10004
Telephone: 212-509-4000

Does Long Blockchain Corp. pay a cash dividend?

No, Long Blockchain Corp. has never declared a cash dividend and presently intends to continue this policy.

Who is Long Blockchain Corporation's independent auditor?

Long Blockchain's independent auditor is Marcum LLP.

Can I request information be sent to me?

Yes, click here to contact us.

Who are members of the senior management team?

Click here to view the members of the senior management team.

Where is Long Blockchain Corp. located?

12-1 Dubon Court
Farmingdale, NY 11735

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